We seriously can't believe that camp is tomorrow.

It seems just like yesterday our staff members met in Lake Arrowhead for our Eayikes Staff Retreat. In addition to having fun and bonding, we gathered to form a common vision for the camp. The specifics of the camp were a lot blurrier then, but we together, we started to build out what the components of what it would look like. We narrowed down our ArtsLab to DJing, Hip-hop dance, improv, and photography, and talked about what we wanted to teach in respective lab. We also hammered out the different LifeShops we wanted to have for our campers, and finally decided on Foods of the World, Finding Your Cause, Yoga, and The Music Industry. With encouragement, positivity, and constructive feedback, we began to form the details of Camp Eayikes.

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We then began preparing for our Camp Eayikes fundraiser, which would be the main source of funding for the camp. We hand-made some schwag (donut hats and bowties) to help our supporters get into the spirit of the event, and booked a location and entertainment. The event was set to be at the King King in Hollywood, and would feature instrumental, rapping , dancing, and DJing performances by Man-Eating Cats, Maya Tuttle (from The Colourist), the Kinjaz, Josh Billings, Them Jeans, dr. oc2pus, Groove Monsters, Z.A.N.E., Matty Rico, Riggsyfort, and Wordandcharacter.  It was such a fun, amazing, and humbling night (and as a bonus, we raised enough funds for the camp)!  We were very very grateful to have these performers, as well as all each and every person  who stopped by the event support the cause to empower youth.

Below are some photos from that event, courtesy of FARAHSTOP:


We also got together regularly for camp preparation meetings (or, as we like to call them, "prep-seshes") to continue building on and prepare for the camp. The more and more we met, and the clearer the details of the camp became, the more and more excited we got! On our last prep-sesh, we went throughout the Long Beach area to talk with local businesses who also supported our vision. It was an amazing experience and we met some great people, and as always were humbled by their willingness to support. We also got to stop by the ArtExchange, the location of our camp for this year. We are also grateful for ArtExchange, as they are sponsoring us in-kind and supporting the vision to empower youth through arts, mentorship, and child-like wonder.

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So, we are finally here! The day before camp! And we could not be more humbled, enthusiastic, and excited about our first camp tomorrow! Here's to giving youth confidence, positivity, encouragement, and space to create, play, and be themselves! 

Also, please come by and support the youth and their journey through our camp by coming to the showcase this Sunday! The youth will showcase all their amazing talents (both new and old) for their community and supporters. We hope you'll join us for such a special occasion. The details are listed below on the flyer.


Thank you again for your love and support!
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the Eayikes team