Every year the community rallies together to host our annual fundraiser. Since our first one at King King Hollywood in 2013, we've raised over $6,000 that's helped fund 3 camps (yup, our 3-day weekend camps cost just about $2,000 to put on for 40 campers & staffers) and build our community of empowered youth & young adults.

These events, however, are about much more than money; they're about purpose. For us behind-the-scenes, they provide an opportunity to exercise & expand our creativity, dive deeper into our passions, and share the Eayikes spirit with friends, family, and like-minded soon-to-be friends we haven't met yet. For you, we hope you walk away feeling uplifted; a little more inspired than when you came, with more meaningful connections (to others and yourself)!

Now, the nature of this Halloween event presented many challenges and new frontiers, as Artshare LA is a multi-purpose art center... not necessarily a nightlife venue. Nonetheless, this just meant stepping up our individual and teamwork game! It was beautiful how everybody from both Eayikes & Playdough camps came together to create the night from nothing. From the first delicious potluck & intention-setting meeting with the crew to our gifted designers Chraz, Jeff, and Andrew pumpin' out graphics, from friends reaching out for product donations to Kyle starring in the teaser, this was a complete team effort. At the event we had multiple areas with their own vibes: Haunted Maze, Chill Room, Loading Dock, Gallery, and Theatre that housed interactive elements such as Playdough merch, Frankenstein's Regurgitated Leftovers, Spongebob SquarePants Operation, and the Eayikes Wall of Wisdom.  All the stress and doubts washed away as people began walking in with their "throwback to childhood" costumes (really, y'all looked phenomenal) and loosening up, getting down with one another, the various areas, and the Souuuuuul Traaaaaain! 

Please, give it up to yourself! You funded our next arts camp by showing up. Of course, gotta give a shoutout to all the folks who helped realize Beats 'n' Treats, from volunteers to artists to planners to sponsors - we are just an idea without these contributors who make it happen:

Adam|Alex|Alvaro|Andrew Chen|Andrew Lee
Andrew Mendoza|Andrew Truong|Artshare|Chraz|Chris
Culture Shock LA|Cynesthesia|DJIntern|Emily|Greego
Moniqa|Moon Collective|Niki|PJ|Q|Raffy|Ralph

Video edited by Khoi Nguyen, shot by Rudy Widjaja and Mark Batstone

Photos by Rudy Widjaja (@ruudes)

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