By now hopefully you know we love to be in nature. We love even more to meet new faces and share the Eayikes spirit! Well, when you combine the two, you get Eayikes Picnic Kickback Recreation Day, a.k.a a lovely day! 


On Saturday, March 7 a group of staff, LA and Long Beach youth, and our mascot Earl Jones headed down to Costa Mesa to the Talbert Nature Preserve. This is the same park where we held this same event last year, it's beautiful! 

What made this extra special for us Eayikes veterans was renting a 15 passenger van. Who knew that #VANLIFE would be so fun!?


Although the 405 didn't treat us well, we overcame traffic together and that's all that matters!

When we got to the park, we first ate sandwiches and some got down on Connect 4.


Once everyone was nourished and acclimated, our Glue Crew Leader Ray sat us in a circle. We partnered up to learn about eachother's childhood, family life, interests, and most embarrassing moment in life. We then had to share about our partner and tell the story of his/her most embarrassing moment as if it was our own. 

We laughed, we cried, and we were blessed with a little #KALESHAKE!

After our sharing session, we broke off into 2 groups: Bocce Ballers & Frisbee Golfers!


The sun was shining, faces were smiling, people were connecting... it was a lovely day indeed. Thanks to everybody for making it, onto the next!