Hey Y'all! We've got about a month left on our crowdfunding campaign push as we march towards building more programs and putting on more events to bring together people, connect them, then empower them to share their gifts with the world! We're at about 40% of our $6500 goal, but we're coming with reinforcements! Our buddies, The Kinjaz, will be releasing a video to their community to share the campaign and encourage donations for Eayikes! How sick is that!!??!

That marks just how big this time is right now. It's a point where all of our ideas and work that we've been putting in for the past 3 years has a real opportunity to break out form our small group of folks and into communities, social circles, and the many friends out there that we haven't met yet. It's hard to describe just the positivity that is circulating, in knowing that steps are happening now so that we can build a sustainable community of people that are motivated to give back, to support people, and to be the greatest version of themselves. There is nothing else that I would rather commit my life then to that cause right there!!!

Thanks for all the support and click the link below to check out the campaign!


Much Love,