Today we exercised our privilege to serve those less fortunate than us. Skid Row is a unique place, and depending on what you've heard it may bring up some unpleasant images/thoughts. But what has struck us the most as we've been building bridges within the community, is just that: the COMMUNITY. 
In a place that is too often brushed off as lesser than, we've found a strong sense of love, diversity, beauty, and self-determination within the human beings of Skid Row. So naturally, we wanted to bring out our community to put into practice all the empathy and compassion from our programs and explore how we could be, in the words of OG Man, "ask what the community needs and be good waiters"! Shoutout to Danny and Andrew of Skid Row Coffee, and OG Manuel Compito and Lynne Price of Barbed Wire Roses for welcoming us!
Nicole Nordstrom, a UCLA student and contributing writer from New Sincerity, joined us on this day of service and here's what she so eloquently wrote:

Service on Skid Row


A community in action.

New Sincerity contributing writer Nicole Nordstrom is a student at UCLA. She recently went down to Gladys Park in L.A.’s Skidrow to check out NS partners Eayikes and Skidrow Coffee in action. 
As soon as I entered Gladys Park, I was greeted with a warm hug by Alex Yoon. Alex is one of the founders of Eayikes, an organization activating young people to take ownership of, and instill positive change in, themselves and their community. After our hug, I was quickly taken to meet local community organizer working with Eayikes that day. His name was Manuel—or ‘OG Man’ as he’s known on the Row.

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