Los Angeles is quite possibly one of the most diverse cities in the world. A place where numerous cultures call "home", this diversity is one of the most positively compelling aspects of Los Angeles. With diversity, however, there can also be a lack of understanding amongst neighbors. From language barriers to cultural norms to physical appearances, becoming closed off to those with differences can become a natural phenomena. 

This is where we come in. Through our foundation in diversity training, facilitation, and community building, Eayikes is a vessel for bringing people together. Cultivating an open mind and heart in others only really requires a role model, someone who takes the perceived social risk of stepping out of their comfort zone. Worried about looking like a "fool"? Don't worry, we have plenty of folks who'll lead the way in tomfoolery!

In our work we've found that pushing past comfort zones, beyond enriching self-esteem, blooms empathy. It even helps develop a stronger sense of purpose in youth, according to the Greater Good Science Center. This is why we recently took a group of West LA private high school seniors to downtown LA and into Skid Row. 

The national conversation on racism and social injustice can make you feel overwhelmed and powerless. But on a micro, local level, we can all choose to listen a little more, seek to understand a little more, and get uncomfortable a little more. From there, anything is possible.

"We must get 'proximate' to suffering and understand the nuanced experiences of those who suffer from and experience inequality. If you are willing to get closer to people who are suffering, you will find the power to change the world.” - Bryan Stevenson