On Saturday March 12, we hosted our very first Eayikes Pop-up Dinner experience, and what an awesome evening was shared with good friends and good eats! This has been an event we have wanted to put together for a long time, and we finally found a cause to make it happen. With a few upcoming youth and young adult projects, we knew we had to raise some funds, but it also happened to fall right before my birthday... two birds with one stone! 

One of the reasons I got so into cooking was the idea that nothing brings people together like a good meal, and some of my fondest memories with family and friends have been around a dinner table. Within Eayikes, our mission is to create spaces like this where people from all walks of life can connect and enjoy each other's company, why not share some delicious food too! Beyond just food and drinks though, we wanted to create an environment that supports creative expression while raising money for a good cause.

We reached out to our wonderful friend Stephanie from the Echo Park Garden Gallery, a great community space in East LA that has now hosted a few of our events. We planned out a 6-course meal, enlisted a few friends to help out... and our first pop-up dinner was created! We themed the meal from my favorite food region in the world, The Mediterranean. We had dishes from Spain, France, Italy and Greece. We also had some great wines of the region for everyone to enjoy with the food.  

Thanks to everyone who came out to support, we are all on an amazing journey together to make life a little more enjoyable, and your support is everything. We raised a few hundred dollars to support our programs and specifically our youth. Can't wait for round 2! 

~ Kyle

Here are some snapshots from the evening, although I wish I took more pics :(

Thankful Isa could help with the flowers and design, definitely not my strongest attribute

The setup before all the madness began

One of my awesome sous chefs Emily helping prep for the first courses

Isa and Moniqa plating one of the final dishes, thanks for all the help!

The last of the food, Spanish chorizo chicken and potatoes!

Emily's dope flyer she made for the event 

Emily's dope flyer she made for the event