FUsion Academy LA SEnior cohort

Eayikes has been empowering youth for five years. Over the years, youth from all walks of life have participated in Eayikes programs, including Fusion students.

In Fusion’s 1-to-1 environment, creating meaningful real-world learning opportunities and a sense of community are challenges. Years of strategic planning and parent feedback have centered around Fusion’s social experience - developing students’ social self-confidence and exposure outside of their bubble. Typically Fusion Seniors are the biggest class and struggle with integrating into the community - especially if they’re joining Fusion after school has begun. Therefore, Fusion LA partnered with us to create programming to address this unique challenge for the 2017-2018 school year, and we're proud to announce the Senior Cohort!

Senior Cohort is a rite-of-passage experience that deepens the post-secondary process and augments the already powerful education happening on-campus. It is a year-long program designed to build community, facilitate self-exploration, and educate students on the world around them. It’s also a space that helps rally interest and spirit around Senior-specific happenings, such as Prom and Grad Nite.

Spending time with OG Manuel Compito in Gladys Park, Skid Row

Spending time with OG Manuel Compito in Gladys Park, Skid Row

How do we do what we do?

Eayikes specializes in building interpersonal connection and partnerships with leaders in various real-world learning environments. This unique mix, coupled with group-based exercises, storytelling, self-reflection activities, and childlike wonder, guides students past comfort zones, increases self-esteem, and inspires community growth.

Gone camping in Malibu Creek State Park

Gone camping in Malibu Creek State Park

Visiting animal rescue organizations in West LA

Visiting animal rescue organizations in West LA

Everyone from the Senior Cohort was super nice and we all got along really well. This made bonding games really fun and entertaining.

We started out the camping weekend sharing some stretches with one another and before I knew it we were deep into the new-friend game and a sandwich making competition. In the afternoon we took a group hike to an amazing lake. Jaime dove off a high cliff adjacent to a no diving sign. Jaime is truly the dopest principal one could hope for. At night, after some delicious meatballs, we all got together for a couple games of Mafia. I dominated this game, getting Mafia four times and only getting found out once. In the end, I learned that Alex makes a really good sandwich (it’s all about the Funyuns).

I had a lot of fun! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to bond with my graduating class a little more.
— Rachel, Class of 2018

testimonials from Graduated Fusion Students


Jordan, Eayikes '13-16

"At Eayikes, there is NEVER a possibility of being alone; let alone feeling lonely. Isolation and desertion are not possible surrounded by the Eayikes crew. The only isolation available is the solidarity which is the feeling of whole-hearted oneness with everyone and in everything we do. Waiting for the day my baby sister is born, I can’t help but feel excitement for her knowing that this world can foster the kind of complete respect for the individual which Eayikes constantly brings into existence! Eayikes saved me when I was down and pushes me to new heights time and time again.”


Dylan, Eayikes '14-16

“Eayikes! Thank you for this opportunity to experience community, love, and acceptance. This experience has allowed me to trust in the future. I know that I will always have a support system and family. I love you all very much. The night walk made me feel uncomfortable/out of control and I LOVED IT! The feelings I experienced on the night walk opened a door to feelings of being unsafe in the past. Thank you for providing this beautiful platform to heal. Spread the love.”


Shawn, Eayikes '14-16

"Eayikes is a family environment where we're all free to just be yourself. It's safe to be yourself. It's really accepting. It's all love. Seeing what other people are going through with their lives brings our Eayikes group closer together, and we all see more compassionate sides of each other. When Eayikes comes together as a unit, possibilities are endless."

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