Eayikes is a non-profit, educationally-driven organization, committed to assisting young people to become the greatest version of themselves.  We make every youth who is a part of our Eayikes family feel that they are part of a support system who believes in them.  We empower youth to create positive change for themselves and the world around them. It is our goal to build a safe and trusting creative space that mobilizes youth to express themselves through, and take ownership of, their own world and their futures. We are a community of engaged citizens, connecting to youth through the arts, mentorship, and childlike wonder.

"Changing lives through building self-esteem and community for youth from all walks of life"


The process involves empowering them to see the value and importance in their unique and individual existences. We believe that by teaching them to be tolerant and respectful of others, they will learn to be accepting of themselves. We will do this by creating what we call a Movement of Empathy. It is a three-step process of: 

1) Empathizing with others. 

2) Accepting and celebrating their differences

3) Taking action that will impact every individual who chooses to become involved. 

Listen to our staff talk about their approach when connecting with campers at our inaugural ArtX camp.

By this process, we hope to build on the “Power of One.” Given this power, young people from different communities and background may come together to teach and learn from one another and, in the process learn to get along and create a positive force for change within their respective communities.   In our time working with these young folks, we've been blown away by their motivation for success, wisdom they've gleaned from their life experience, and hunger for mentors to help them in their journeys. We want to give them that!

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