Eayikes are folks who believe in the power of young people, and that if anybody has the power to change the world, it’s our youth! We are: teachers, artists, dancers, professionals, and social activists, but most of all, we are people who were lucky enough to have the teachers, mentors, resources, and support system to help us succeed. We share that knowledge: the lessons and love that was shown to us by our greatest teachers. We pay it forward by empowering young people to find their voice and the power that lies within them. The communitaaaay is beautifully abundant, and these are just some of our youth empowerers.



Ray Ricafort

Director of Programs

Ray has always felt in his life that he connects with younger folk so much more naturally than with adults. He sees himself as a big kid, and feels that we GOTTA keep the child-like wonder in life to be able to be fully grateful and thankful for it. Ray is most excited about connecting, connecting, connecting! He can't wait to build tight bonds and a safe place of trust, love, and encouragement. He can't wait for the cheers, the games, the learning, and the pushing of each other to become better. Ray wants to build these young folk up, and have them see the power in themselves; he wants to be able to better understand the scope of what they can do when they are motivated, supported, and encouraged!

Alex Yoon


Community is one of the most important things to Alex, and community is what he wants to build for young people through Eayikes. Having lived independently from family since college, the friends who surround him today is his family. He feels so fortunate to be connected to such amazingly supportive & loving people. He believes that for those of us who've been given much, we have to do for those who can't. He's experienced first-hand the power of a small group of committed citizens striving to change the world.  Alex feels called to make the world a better place by inspiring and empowering its future generations. He currently works as an administrator at a private alternative K-12 school in West LA.

Kyle Dineen

Director of operationS

Kyle is currently a Project Manager and Social Media Consultant for a marketing and PR firm in Los Angeles. What fascinates him about the marketing and digital world is the ability for people to share and connect like never before; it is amazing how knowledge ,advice, and experience can be shared with anyone we encounter.  This is what brought him to Eayikes. The camp is exactly the opportunity he had been looking for, to blend his knowledge of human connection with his eagerness to mentor youth again. He believes youth from all walks of life have so much to learn from the world around them, and his main goal is to give them that exposure as well as the ability to move forward into the future with confidence. Kyle's goal is to be able to show others the greatness that is how there and help them to be their best!

Hannah Johnson

ArtLab Instructor

Hannah has had many experiences and adventures traveling throughout the States, as well as abroad. Her many encounters were surprisingly revealing; they offered her rich immersion into the warm textures of color and context and was a beautiful opportunity that led her to important revelations regarding her identity as well as a strong sense of responsibility to those she felt a connection to.  Hannah currently works as an associate strategist for GOOD, and hopes to continue work in the social impact space and use her talents and energies to help move the needle for positive, systemic changes for public good.



Emily has always identified with music because she believes at very pivotal yet distinct moments of life; it had and still has the power to empathize with the listener. Upon graduating UC Irvine in 2012 and embarking on a humbling journey through the industry, she took those seeds of empathy and begun planting in different communities, experimenting with the power of alternate views and learning to connect people from what would seem like on the surface, as deviating backdrops.  In retrospect and respect for Nujabes, she hopes to share stories of overcoming challenges, to help others comb through reflections for positive action, and ultimately laugh with Eayikes youth about how funny it is that music indeed, puts time in perspective. Outside of Eayikes, Emily works at a record label where she aspires to blend morals from different narratives into one by understanding the importance of each individual’s existence and striving to design for ways to bring one's light to another. 

Mark Batstone


To go way back, Mark was born. But more recently, he was raised in Costa Mesa, California, and went from elementary through college in Costa Mesa as well. Now he works as a video guy, making documentaries, music videos, and stuff like that. He's most excited about seeing all the kids in the camp working together and learning through activities. When he got to go to camp as a kid, he always enjoyed the time hanging out with mentors and working on some sort of project, craft, or sports activity.

Greego Landicho

Tribe Leader

Greego has been involved in various ambits within the Educational field for about 6 years.  His experience has allowed him to work with a variety of students in the non-public sector, local school districts, and overseas. What drew him to Camp Eayikes is their dedication to exploring life alongside the campers and their focus on fostering a relationship with the community.  When Greego is not working, you can find him eating ice cream, drinking coffee, and/or waiting at the airport for his flight to board.

Jhustin Abeleda

Tribe Leader

Jhustin is a Northern California native, being born in the Bay Area and raised in Sacramento. He currently resides in San Fransisco working as a consultant in the booming Tech Industry. He enjoys the work that he is doing as it challenges him every day. He has a deep passion for mentoring others, especially youth. He truly enjoys the time spent with his family and friends, as they are the most important people in his life. He believes that having a strong bond with those who inspire and motive you will open doors that will lead you to success. Jhustin is certain that every person is capable of realizing their true potential in achieving greatness, and Eayikes is the best way to nurture that.

Kunal Dudheker

ArtLab Instructor

Kunal grew up on the mean streets of Fountatin Valley, CA, where he mainly followed the path laid out by his traditional Indian parents. He became an accountant at a "big-four" accounting firm, but during his 70th hour of a work-week and his 50th excel spreadsheet, he realized he didn't want to die on top of a calculator. He left his stable job and found his way into pursuing a career in acting and comedy. He is currently in the Hollywood acting grind and a regular improv performer. Eayikes is important to Kunal because when he was younger, he lacked the confidence to pursue his interests and put himself out there, and he feels that our youth can truly benefit from being exposed to different experiences. He hopes the campers can gain some confidence and motivation to apply themselves to whatever they are passionate about.

Omar Abuzaineh

Tribe Leader

Omar currently works as a dental resident at three Navajo clinics in Northern Arizona. He loves his job because he not only gets to help the underserved Native American population, but he also helps teach dental students who are there on their monthly rotations. Omar got involved with Camp Eayikes to help support his colleagues in their quest to serve their community. As an organization, Eayikes is working to listen, learn from, and hopefully inspire campers to realize their own potential and empower them to achieve their goals. Omar is motivated to help where he can, and believe this is the perfect avenue for him to not only teach from the successes and failures that he has lived through, but also for himself to grow from the brilliant young minds of today's generation.

Brian Chew

Tribe Leader

Brian is a Bay Area native, who has always been a part of a team since he was a kid.  He believes that strong team work makes the dream work, as he believes that you cannot accomplish your goals and dreams without the support of the community around you.  Known as Coach Chewie, he is known for his positive words of encouragement as well as that competitive spirit that helps him focus on constantly looking for ways to grow and improve in all aspects of life.  Eayikes is the perfect community for Brian to follow his passion for mentoring our youth and helping our campers discover their own identity within their own community.


Chris Mabini

Camp EMT & Tribe Leader

Born and raised in Southern California, Chris has been a child of great beaches, warm sunny weather, and coastal canyons. Growing up near a retirement community, he always had to find ways to entertain his imagination and adventurous spirit by exploring the wilderness around the places he's lived. To this day, that youthful spirit has been the catalyst to every adventure and life experience he's been blessed to share with others. He hope for everyone to not lose that inner courage that comes so naturally as children because it is that courage, reinforced by great friends and mentors, that has helped him to fight through many of life's difficult challenges and come out a better person. He wants to share this with everyone who has shared this with him and help everyone achieve their dream, their calling, and their purpose in life.

Alexandria Miller

Camp Nurse & Tribe Leader

Alexandria (Alex) grew up in Cerritos and Villa Park and was known as the White girl in a Korean community or the Asian girl in a White community. It wasn't until she got to college that she learned what being Hapa was and found a community who helped foster her uniqueness, something she strives to spark in today's youth. She is currently working as an emergency room nurse in Orange County. Alex has always known she wanted to work in the emergency room because of the camaraderie and teamwork that is necessary for an ER to function. It is this strong affinity to community which made her fall in love with Eayikes. She loves community and believes that everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach to everyone.


Alvaro Cadena

LifeShop Instructor & Tribe Leader

Alvaro has had many experiences that helped him realize a very important facet of his life: a group of friends with shared values, compassion, and a sense of responsibility to spread positivity to those who can benefit from it in the community, and overcome the challenges that limit growth potential. Alvaro currently works as an executive technical recruiter with a top tier firm and could not be happier with where his life has taken him. Alvaro is looking forward to the kids and building relationships that make them feel they can reach out to a support system when needed. His only goal is to start that fire and hope that 10 years from their experience at Eayikes, the participants feel the same way he does now.


Kevin Pham

Tribe Leader

Kevin was born and raised in San Jose, California. He went to school at UC Irvine and then lived in Denver for 2 years. Now he's back and currently enrolled in a design program at General Assembly. Kevin's two main passions are sports and youth, which makes sense why he's so passionate about Eayikes! He loves the quality time with our young folk, especially when he can combine the sports element into it! He would like to create a non-profit company one day that would incorporate the two.

Jeffrey Tang

ArtLab instructor & Tribe Leader

Jeffrey is a continual student of life and he never wants to stop learning or evolving. He loves art and creativity as it's his vessel to experience life and to communicate how he feels about it. He focuses on graphic design, illustration, film photography, ceramics, and video. Besides art Jeffrey also loves his mom, who is a single parent mother raising two kids and sending them both to college. This taught Jeffrey the importance of education, what hard work really means, and what sacrifices parents always make for their kids. Even coming from a broken family he knows that good will triumph, and that all bad things in life are blessings in disguise. 


Mike Song

ArtLab Instructor

Mike currently works as a professional dance choreographer and instructor. He choreographs for movies, tv commercials, theatre shows, etc. He feels he has lived a fortunate life thanks to those who supported and encouraged him along the way. He is thankful to the people around him who gave him words of encouragement at pivotal times in his life and that have helped mold his journey in life thus far. As a staff member of Camp Eayikes, Mike hopes to do the same for the campers! He will share his knowledge of dance and life to hopefully inspire the campers to pursue their own passions. He just wants to spread some good energy!