Wildernizzle 2018


fusion academy los angeles...

this 2017-2018 school year partnered with us to facilitate a year of programming for their Senior Cohort. There were 7 events, leading up to the culminating Wildernizzle Campout in May, the weekend before graduation!

With the busyness of life in Los Angeles, it was a blessing to share time together disconnected outdoors. Wildernizzle is designed to build connection and empathy while in nature, sometimes giving young people their first experience tent camping. In this space of wonder, students play, connect, and learn from one another in ways they otherwise wouldn't back in the city.

We're so grateful to the cliff-jumping Head of School, Jaime Porras, and the whole Fusion LA community for bringing us in this year and entrusting us with their students. As these seniors move forward in their next chapter of life, our hope is they take with them a deeper understanding of the world around them, empathy for people who appear different, and a spirit of empowerment to use their gifts for the greater good.